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A KISS pure Fortran Library for building powerful, easy-to-use, elegant command line interfaces


FPL is pure fortran 2003 library that can manage the parameters of your program from a single point.


This modern fortran project is developed by Milan Curcic. This library facilitates a set of commonly used tools in functional programming. Read more


Futility is a jointly-maintained, open-source project between the University of

Linear elastic model

LinearElasticModel is the class for modeling linear elastic material behavior. It is a subclass of AbstractSolidMechanicsModel.


This is program creates an interface between modern fortran and gnuplot. This is a useful library for visualising fortran data using gnuplot. Read more

Solid material

SolidMaterial is a subclass of AbstractMaterial class. Its purpose is to handle solid materials, like steel, brass, copper, among others.


This fortran library handles IO with vtk files. Read more