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System requirements

EASIFEM requires following software packages to be installed on the system.

ComponentVersionLatest tested versionComment
Gfortran>=9.012.0GNU Fortran compiler
GCC>=9.012.0GNU-compiler collection
OpenMP>= 4.5Multithread shared memory parallelisation
Curl>=7.877.87A command-line utility for transferring data from or to a remote server
Git>=2.342.34.1A version control system and command-line utility for downloading packages from GitHub
Cmake>= family of tools designed to build, test and package software
Ninja-build>= system
Python3>= language
Pip>=2023.1.0Command line tool for downloading python packages
LAPACK>= algebra package
OpenBlas>= BLAS library
HDF5>= data software-library and file-format
PlPlot>=, scientific graphics plotting library
Gnuplot>=5.05.4Portable command-line driven graphing utility
Doxygen>= generation

You can use following instructions to satisfy the above-mentioned requirements depending upon your system.