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AbstractMaterial_ class is designed to handle the material properties in simulations. This class currently has following sub-classes.

You can see the structure of AbstractMaterial here.


AbstractMaterial_ contains materials in a vector of UserFunction. Therefore, you should know read about UserFunction before getting started with the AbstractMaterial_.

How to initiate?

To initiate an instance of AbstractMaterial_ follow the following steps:


First, we will call SetAbstractMaterialParam method.


Then, we will call Initiate method.


After we have initiated an instance of AbstractMaterial_, we will ADD material to it by calling AddMaterial. Note that this routine just register a material name and allocate space for defining materal as a UserFunction.


After registering a material, we can get the pointer of UserFunction by calling the method GetMaterialPointer. We should initiate this pointer as described in the documentation of UserFunction.

import from toml-file

You can also initiate the material from toml configuration and by using the method called ImportFromToml

import from hdf5-file

You can also initiate the material from hdf5file by using the method called Import