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FortranFile_ is user data type designed to access the features of fortran file system.


  • First Initiate the file by using the Initiate
  • Then open the file by using the Open
  • Then close the file by using the Close
  • To deallocate the file you can use Deallocate. It will close the file too.

Constructor methods

Method namecomment
InitiateInitiate the instance
DeallocateDeallocate data and close the file
OpenOpen the file
Closeclose the file
DeleteDelete the file
BackspaceGo back one record
RewindRewind the file

Set methods

Method namecomment
SetFilePathSet the file path
SetFileNameSet the file name
SetFileExtSet the file extension
SetEOFStatSet the end of file status
SetOpenStatSet the open status
SetReadStatSet the read status
SetWriteStatSet the write status
SetStatusSet the status of the file

Get methods

Method namecomment
GetFilePathGet the path of the file
GetFileNameGet the name of the file
GetFileExtGet the extension of the file
GetFilePartsGet the parts of the file

Enquire methods

Method namecomment
IsOpenThis function returns true if the file is open.
IsEOFThis returns true if the end of file is reached.
IsReadThis returns true if the file has read access.
IsWriteThis returns true if the file has write access.

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