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This routine corrrects the facet element type in each mesh.

When we call InitiateFacetElements for mesh, we can only identify boundary-facet-elements (i.e., boundary elements of the mesh).

Moreover, when we call InitiateFacetElements from mesh or domain, all the facet elements are tagged as DOMAIN_BOUNDARY_ELEMENT.

However, some of these boundary facet-elements will be located at the domain’s boundary. These facet elements are called DOMAIN_BOUNDARY_ELEMENT.

Some of the facet elements will be at located at the interface of two mesh regions, these facet elements are called BOUNDARY_ELEMENT.

This method correctly differentiates between BOUNDARY_ELEMENT and DOMAIN_BOUNDARY_ELEMENT.


This method needs information of boundary data in a mesh, which can be set by calling InitiateBoundaryData by the user.

In this routine if for a mesh isBoundaryDataInitiated is .FALSE., then this routine will make a call to InitiateBoundaryData for that mesh and initiate the required boundary data.

Please check documentation of following methods:


MODULE SUBROUTINE SetFacetElementType(obj)
CLASS(Domain_), INTENT(INOUT) :: obj
END SUBROUTINE SetFacetElementType