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SolidMaterial_ is a subclass of AbstractMaterial class. Its purpose is to handle solid materials, like steel, brass, copper, among others.

SolidMaterial_ also encapsulates the abstract model for defining the material constitutive behavior. The structure of SolidMaterial_ is given below.

TYPE, EXTENDS(AbstractMaterial_) :: SolidMaterial_
CLASS(AbstractSolidMechanicsModel_), POINTER :: stressStrainModel => NULL()
!! Pointer to stress strain material behavior of solids

The module SolidMaterial_Class defines following methods:

  • SetSolidMaterialParam
  • AddSolidMaterial

In addition the class SolidMaterial_ defines following methods.

  • CheckEssentialParam
  • Initiate
  • Deallocate
  • Import
  • Export
  • Display
  • GetStressStrainModelPointer
  • GetPrefix